John Sydnor

Senior Business Development Officer

As an internal or external consultant, you will find I am a natural leader, successful negotiator and proven closer. I have an outstanding record of driving revenue and building market share growth. I have a unique experience spanning early stage startups (pre-IPO) to Fortune 20 organizations like IBM, Oracle, Apple Computer, Publicis, Morgan Stanley and various emerging technology firms. I have been a leader in increasing market share and revenue generation in the information technology, financial services and economic development sectors.

You will find I am versatile and highly adaptable which allows me to succeed in multiple industries due to a wide-ranging skill set that includes technology, software, systems integration, and big data. Additionally, I have extensive financial experience having worked in leadership positions at a hedge fund, investment bank, and a venture capital organization.

I am recognized for propelling organizations to consistently surpass demanding corporate, investor and client objectives, while outperforming competitors and prevailing market trends. I have been described as a keen analyst, trusted relationship manager, persuasive communicator and hard driving closer. And as an energetic motivator, I am known for balancing empowerment and accountability to push teams to deliver on increasingly challenging expectations.

I hold an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a Bachelors of General Studies from the University of Michigan with concentrations in Computer Science and Economics.

Metro Columbus, Ohio / Open to relocation

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